GigaDevice Chinese Name Change Notice

To ensure the future growth, the board decides that北京芯技佳易微电子科技有限公司changes its company name to 北京兆易创新科技有限公司which is approved by Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce on Jan 8, 2010.

Administration Stamp for “北京兆易创新科技有限公司” is effective on Jan 22, 2010.

All the contact information including Bank Name, Bank Account, Bank Address, Domain Name, Website, Company Address, Tel & Fax Number and Postal Code is kept as same without any change.

All contracts, agreements and other legal documents signed before Jan 22,2010 between北京芯技佳易微电子科技有限公司and customers are still valid; All claims, liabilities and related business dealings are legally taken by 北京兆易创新科技有限公司.

The English Name is same as before.

Any questions about the notice please contact +86-10-62795284 for details.

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GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc.