GigaDevice GD32 MCU Online Seminar Notice

GD32 series Cortex-M3 MCU: A Wise choice for better performance and better price


GD32™ is a new 32-bit high performance, low power consumption universal microcontroller family powered by the ARM® Cortex™-M3 RISC core, which targeted at various MCU application areas. GD32™ family integrates features to simplify system design and provide customers wide range of comprehensive and superior cost effective MCU portfolios with proven technology and great innovation. Building on GigaDevice advanced patented “gFlash” memory technology and mass production experiences, it provides new form of MCUs which offers customer high functionality and quality. GD32™ family includes entry line, performance line and connectivity line currently.
Welcome to GD32 MCU subsite for technical support.


Eric Jin, PM of GigaDevice MCU BU.



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