A、Welfare system
a. Five insurance payments and housing fund, housing subsidies, communications subsidies; year-end awards, regular and irregular salary adjustment;
b. Perfect development career paths, providing space for individual learning; excellent staff and excellent team rewards; patent awards, the best headhunting; the best Lecturer;
c. Employees healthy examination; staff dormitory;
d. Professionalization training of graduating students, employees professional and general technical training, mid-level training, assignment training;
e. Statutory paid leave, company welfare leave, excellent staff incentive leave;
f. Work residence permit;
g. Compliance with the policy staff located in Beijing; compliance with the policy of overseas located in Beijing; graduates indicators in Beijing;
h. Business accident insurance, supplementary medical insurance;
i. Newborn baby gifts; holiday gifts;
j. Continuous service awards;

B、Labor system
Paid marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, breastfeeding leave, half-day paid leave of International Women's Day.